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Cold-Formed Steel Codes and Standards


This wiki (editable page) was created so that a large group of people could contribute to developing a list of the cold-formed steel codes and standards that are in use around the world. To aid in the development of this list Ben Schafer (schafer@jhu.edu) sent an initial email to members of the following organizations: CFSEI, SSRC TG 13, ASCE-SEI CFS, AISI-COS, AISI-COFS.


Help us now!

See how easy it is to add (or correct) the standards of your own country

1. Click "Edit Page" at the top of this page (enter the password, contact schafer@jhu.edu if you do not have it)

2. Add information about your country or a country or region you know (add your name to the bottom as a contributor)

3. Click Save!


Please add information about any country that you know information about the current cold-formed steel specifications in use below. The following divisions for countries is based on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries, any such division is flawed to begin with, but provides a means to organize the results. Feel free to add any notes you would like as well. Some countires which are listed below were of particular interest to the initial group forming this list. Your help is much appreciated.




United States

Specification: North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members. American Iron and Steel Institute (http://tinyurl.com/yq5wzo) latest version now numbered as AISI-S100-07, 2007 version nearing final approval as of June 2007.

Building Code: International Building Code, International Code Council (http://www.iccsafe.org/) local building codes and/or NFPA may also be enforced, but the IBC is as close to a national building code as exists in the United States, both IBC and NFPA reference AISI.


Specification: S136, full details needed

Building Code: National Building Code of Canada, full details needed

Puerto Rico

Specification: Unknown

Building Code: Unknown


Specification: North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members, full details needed

Building Code: Unknown


Specification: NBR 14762:2001 Dimensionamento de estruturas de aço constituídas por perfis formados a frio - Procedimento (Cold-formed steel design - Procedure, last update 2001) and NBR 6355:2003 Perfis estruturais de aço formados a frio - Padronização (Cold-formed steel structural profiles, last update 2003)

Building Code: ABNT - Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas (www.abnt.org.br)




Specification: Unknown

Building Code: Unknown


Specification: Unknown

Building Code: Unknown


Specification: Unknown

Building Code: Unknown

Middle East (Asia)



EU Countries

Specification: EN 1993-1-3, Design of steel structures - Cold-formed structures (how to get?) (latest?) needs updating 


Specification: Unknown

Building Code: Unknown 


Specification: Unknown

Building Code: Unknown 


Specification: Unknown

Building Code: Unknown 

The Netherlands

Specification: Unknown

Building Code: Unknown 

United Kingdom

Specification: Unknown

Building Code: Unknown 


Specification: Unknown

Building Code: Unknown 


Specification: Unknown

Building Code: Unknown


Specification: Eurocode 3 Part 1.3 (info from D. Camotim)

Building Code: Unknown




Specification: AS/NZS 4600


AS/NZS 4600:2005  Similar to NAS 2007  but includes high strength steels such as G550 for all sections.


Gregory Hancock



Building Code:


Building Code of Australia  (National document) calls AS/NZS 4600:2005


Specification: AS/NZS 4600  (same as Australia)


Building Code: Unknown 



Ben Schafer, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, United States (schafer@jhu.edu)

Luiz Vieira, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, United States (luizvieirajr@gmail.com)

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